Leaders provide young people with exciting and challenging experiences and then help them use those experiences in their personal and social development.

Leaders are supported by a formal training programme and are encouraged to further develop their skills through informal training experiences and sharing ideas with each other.

Adults often find that becoming an occasional Helper or Supporter is a rewarding way of offering a little of their spare time. The exact function of Helpers and Supporters will vary and are as wide ranging as making drinks for Kea Scouts to towing canoe trailers for Scouts.


Skills Instructors help Leaders by training young people on specific activities or interests such as climbing, canoeing, computers or crafts. Becoming a Skills Instructor takes up less time than being a Leader, but many people often find that the role of Skills Instructor is a good introduction to Scouting and go on to be Leaders.

Besides all these roles, the Group has a team of adults who provide support chiefly with administration, and fund raising. These people take on the roles of Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary as well as other general roles to ensure the Group’s activities function smoothly.

Parents who take on these varied leadership and management roles find the experience a rewarding one. Supporting the development of young people is a great way to make a contribution to your community and to your own personal development.

For details on Leadership and Committee roles please email chairperson